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A4: problem with Kabraxaz in Basalt Fortress


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I seem to be stuck. I went and opened the gate as requested by Kabraxaz and crew. I even got a message acknowledging the gate was open. I went back to them and only got original dialogue with no way to tell them I opened the gate and it was time to go fight. So I went and fought. With that done I went back and it's still the same dialogue. So they're just standing there. Waiting for me. How do I tell them they can go home? 

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Hello suebee,


It's worth mentioning that the vahnatai are only there to help you with the battles in the Basalt Fortress. They don't offer any further reward afterwards, nor do they directly contribute to the storyline later on. If you've done everything you need to do in the Fortress – and that should be fairly clear! – then, in terms of the game, there's no harm in leaving them there. You won't be missing out on anything.


However, if you want, I can produce a little workaround to get them to leave. To do that, though, it would be useful to have a little handle on what exactly went wrong. If you'd like to get them to leave – and, remember, nothing additional will happen if you do this – then let me know what dialogue choices come up when you speak to Kabraxaz. I can work from there!

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