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Hall of Chaos. - Can't get back down the 2nd time.

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I am trying to get to the Blessed Anthame.    Previously,  I was able to get down to the 6 crystals but was not able to destroy them.  I left and got more experience and came back again and was able to destroy the crystals but was unable to go back down.  I got the key and went back upstairs and pulled the lever at "B" again and the crystals turned red put the gate did not open. 


Is there a glitch in the system or am I doing something wrong?

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Hello eddr2504,


You just missed a small step! There are two crystal switches on the main floor of the Halls of Chaos, and you need to flip both in order to change which stairway is open. One of the switches is near the northwestern corner of the level, and the other is near the southeastern corner.


Once you flip the switch you missed, you should be able to proceed!

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