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Molten halberd

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in the same topic of the MURIDAE infernal, it dropped a molten halber. i was using the spear of the fen (11-33, 10% acid resistance, +3 defense, +1 riposte) since i decided that evasion stuff (defense, parry, reposting) is more benefitial than, say, more damaging spears like the bloodthirsty spear, to evade them horde attacks, but the molten halberd is 12-48 (better dmg) and +2 to quick strike. Well thats awesome because bonus action points!!!! thats the thing i value the most, hence why i stick to "Mercurial" and "Quicksilver" stuff 


id like to ask ppl around here, what do you think? Spear of the fen or molten halberd?


ps1. The prices are sorta.. weird sometimes? Molten is 1000, spear is 3000... or the Flowing silk cloak (10% armor, +1 parry, +1 quick strike) vs the infernal shroud (cant remember since i sold it but it was 5000 the price i think) and the flowing silk cloak is 800!!! so cheap? maybe Jeff was drinking the blighted mushroom wine when assigning certain prices! 😃 j/k



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