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Avadon 3 Companions


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Just got on to Avadon 3, not quite sure what's going to happen with Redbeard gone, but I get Nathalie and Khalida as my friends!

This is good news because they were my favourites in 1 and 2, and now I get both! Already ignoring the Shadowstalker and I doubt the Shaman or Tinkermage will get much work either.

It's slightly sad that they seem to have dropped down the pecking order slightly, but perhaps in Aurelia the Sorceress they will find someone reminiscent of Mystralla or Avystra, and retake their rightful places as great Hands of Avadon.

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Funnily enough, I am also playing through A3 as a Sorceress named Aurelia. I was also glad to see Khalida and Nathalie again, at least until the former sprung her quest on me. I thought Dedrik's quest took the cake for height of stupidity, but she seriously wants to murder a camp of friendly NPCs, whose crimes are basically being poor and sick of a messed up, neverending war, for the sole purpose of pissing off Redbeard. I really wish there was an option to talk some sense into your companions sometimes.

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