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Avernum 2 - Book in the Nephil Castle

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In the Nephil Castle (the dungeon you get sent to as part of your first quest to kill the Nephar chief), there is a book in one of the rooms on the right side of the map guarded by a Nephil Shaman. Destroying the book gives your party members 5xp each, but reading it will subtract 5xp from each of your party members. However, when you read it, a text box pops up saying that "you can't help but feel that the book did something wonderful for you," implying a positive effect in addition to the xp drain. I was not able to find anything that reading the book changes besides making you lose xp, even after reading it repeatedly. Does this book actually do "something wonderful" or is that message there just to mislead you?

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It's been so long since I've played A2 that I don't remember exactly what it did.  That said, did you open up your journal & check under 'special items' (or whatever that section is called)?  If you got a special blessing/curse then it should be listed there.


There also might be something listed in that game's 'Strategy Central' here describing what your options are.

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