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[Geneforge 5] strengthening wrong side??

Amira The Hot Potato

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So I had a similar problem as this person did: http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/topic/24273-g5-im-strengthening-my-enemies-somehow/?tab=comments#comment-301885

But out of all the shaper endings, I noticed I only have this issue when working with astoria. It's not a HUGE deal but the point is it's not suppose to be and I don't know that much about codes,scripts etc and just wondering if anyone even found a solution to this? I have the steam version and now playing on windows 10 computer if anyone wants to know.

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Hello Lady Antji,


I have a theory as to what might be happening but, since this isn’t a situation I’ve experienced myself, I don’t have any way to test it. If you are a Mac user, I might be able to help you out if you sent me a saved game. Otherwise, it might take a little research.


One thing that would be useful to know would be the sorts of hostile creations that were being affected. Did you notice Drayks, other creations, or a combination of both?


I’ll see if I can explain what I think is happening. Creatures in Geneforge are governed by scripts that tell them how to act. Most creatures use a default script but, in special situations, creatures can be given a new script that makes them act differently. In your case, there’s a special script for Outer Gazaki-Uss, one that strengthens creations that are near you. So far, so good.


Now, usually creatures in Spiderweb games are assigned scripts manually during the game design process – a creature is placed in the game, and then Jeff chooses a script to give it if necessary.


What I suspect has happened is this. In your situation, the game acts by spawning a bunch of friendly creations, and a bunch of hostile creations. Only the friendly creations should have been assigned this boosting script, but perhaps a couple of the hostile creations were accidentally assigned this script too. It’s only a little slip, and I could see something like that getting missed easily.


I have an idea for a fix that would alter the script and get rid of the problem for you – it should be possible to make the buff happen only if a creature is friendly to you. However, if possible, I’d like to experiment on a saved game to see if it works!

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Sorry for late reply. It's only the drayks from the rebel side not the podlings which is weird. I didn't make a separate save for that specific play through(normally I do but eh), so I would need to replay Astoria's ending to see if it happens again. My computer is a windows 10. It didn't really hinder me but I just thought it was weird lol

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