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Avernum 2 - Sixus Tower entrance gate shut

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There are two locations on the Sixus quest. The first is a tower hidden to the north and on the south shore of the Great Lake. This one requires going through the east side to find the right levers to open the west side. The second tower in the swamp needs you to flip the right levers to open a gate and the clue was a scroll found in the first tower on the west side.


I hope this helps with the confusion. Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. You might want it back someday. :)

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Ahhhh thank you! (not so silent scream of frustration and gratitude) I had somehow managed to explore almost all of the map, except for where his first tower was. Sheesh. Walked in, did the things, go back to the second tower - boom, open. Thank you for your guidance, O Knower of Spiderweb Things! May your battles be victorious and your snackrifices tasty.

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