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The Sage in Deepwood is unclickable


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Hello tjmaxal,


That's because you're not talking to the fort's sage!


I fell into the same trap myself, so I appreciate the confusion. There's a character in the upper levels of Deepwood Keep that is called a 'sage'. This isn't the fort's main sage, however, but just a flavour character. They're essentially one of the main sage's assistants, in the same way that all the guards work for the commander of the fort. Because they aren't an important character, you can't talk to them.


So where's the main sage for the fort? His name is Quentin, and he likes exploring. When you first go to Deepwood Keep, he won't be there. He's involved in a certain quest you'll receive in the Ahriel Thicket, and you'll need to do a little exploring of the Ahriel Woods before you find him.


Don't worry! When you finally meet Quentin, everything will become clear!


Otherwise, welcome to the boards, tjmaxal. We're nice and friendly here, and we like answering questions, so do please ask if you come across anything else!

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