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What is the rating on this game?

Swimmin' Salmon

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Hello Salmon,


There's actually a pretty decent thread talking about this from shortly after the game's release. It contains quite a few contributions from a variety of posters, so you can probably learn more there than from my own comments. Take a look here:




Personally, I think Queen's Wish I is an excellent Spiderweb game. It changes the formulae in interesting ways, ways that I found quite engaging. I found the fort system enjoyable to play around with, and the world is nicely portrayed. I think there's some real potential for this series and, at least on my end, it's gotten off to a solid start. However, because of the changes, different people do react to it differently.


I think, in this situation, the best way to get a feeling for Queen's Wish is just to try out the demo. You'll see the differences there, and get a feeling for how well they sit with you!

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Thanks Kel! I did play the demo, as much as I could, but then life intervened and I didn't consider purchase. Probably shouldn't think I could finish it now, but whatever. I didn't ever finish A3 (2.0) despite E3 being the hook that captured me. I do agree that Queen's Wish is pretty cool, but I wasn't  a big fan of the Ultima-like persona tests to start. I'll get to reading the reviews.


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