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iCloud save sync?


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It looks like the game doesnt sync saves using iCloud, is that planned for a future update? I have an iPad and my phone I play games with from time to time, not having the saves synced between them is a real bummer :( 


I probably wouldnt bought the game on iOS if I knew that, all the games I play have cloud save seems like a fairly big omission.


Does the Steam version sync between computers? Between mac and windows? (I have two desktops and laptops I use fairly regularly because of various job I have to do on those platforms, I like to have a few regular games on them, but without cloud save its pointless...)

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I synced my saves with Finder on my macOS, which was fairly simple now that you can access the iPhone&iPad from it directly, but I still wish it would sync automatically since I need to have a computer around to be able to sync my saves.

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