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Do choices in Avadon 1 carry over? Shima's quest spoilers.


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Hi all,


I'm on my first playthrough of Avadon 1, considering what to do about Shima's quest.  The Shadowwalker loot they give is nice for my PC, but I'm not sympathetic to Shima's cause.  I wasn't very sympathetic to Natalie either, but the downside of attacking loyal Pact servants looks worse than murdering a drake who'd already opposed us.  Which I guess is the point of this storyline.  


I'm nervous of long-term consequences, especially as I'm planning to play Avadon 2 and 3.  On the other hand, I recognise Spiderweb is a small studio and may not be able to have multiple major paths through the main storyline in this game, let alone subsequent ones.  I'm aware from various thread titles (and, well, FORESHADOWING) that there's an opportunity to fight Redbeard and keeping Shima happy will lead to him helping out later.  I'm interested to know if siding with Shima has any other consequences.



  1. Does siding with Shima (or not) have broader consequences in Avadon 1?
  2. Do the choices I make in this game carry over to the next?


Happy Holidays!



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