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Meaning of ending code?


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Do we know what each letter in the code at the end of the game means? I just finished my fifth playthrough and I got vgkfpcahqson. I haven't taken a math course in about twenty years, but with twelve digits, does this mean there are at least 4096 possible endgame states? Assuming there are at least two possible outcomes for each entry. 

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From some of my games:


Treaty for vassals

last letter - the Vol - o for Mascha, n for Owen

second to last letter - Ahriel - o for Trench Town, p for Blessed

third to last letter - Utak - r for Brokk, s for Borgen


I'm not sure and will need to look back at some endings from saved games


7th letter is a for no dreams and b for all dreams


There are possibly for whether

- you crush the opposition in each vassal state 

- loyalty to queen (2nd, 3rd, or 5th letter)

- plans for future

- the different deals in the Tower



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