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iOS device transfer?


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Can saved games be transferred from one iOS device to another? I just purchased a new iPad. When I restored my old iPad, the Queens Wish app downloaded but would not launch (immediately crashed). I deleted the app and downloaded it again from the App Store. Now the game launches but does include any of my saved games. 

is this a bug? Should I be able to restore an iPad backup and have my saved games? Can I transfer saved games from one iPad to another?

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You can definitely transfer games from one iOS device to another. Connect your iPad/iPhone to your Mac. If you are on the latest iOS versions, backup to the desktop is done via Finder.


Under Finder click on the device, then on the Files tab. Then click on the right-facing arrow by Queen's Wish. You will see a second level folder named Saved Games. Drag it to your desktop. Then connect your other iPad or iPhone to the Mac. Drag the Saved Games folder to the Queen's Wish folder on the second device.


I haven't done the transfer using iCloud backups, but they should be similar.

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Thank you, Painted Lady. This pointed me in the right direction, even though my path wound up being a little different. On my Mac, I had to use iTunes instead of the Finder. This is what wound up working:

  • Connect old iPad to Mac.
  • Open iTunes, connect to old iPad, click on its "File Sharing" option.
  • Find the Queen's Wish app and create a local copy of the saved files.
  • Connect new iPad too Mac.
  • In iTunes, connect to new iPad, and click on its "File Sharing option.
  • Find the Queen's Wish app and copy the saved files, replacing the default ones.


I've confirmed that I can open the saves on my new iPad. Thank you for saving me from a lot of backtracking!

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