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Missed the Dreams (Spoilers)

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Just finished the main storyline, triggering an event that shuts down the refuges.  I had intended to run through the dream narratives before heading home, but that's not an option.  Is there a way to see the dialogue of those dreams so I can experience them?  I already made a hard save before realizing, and my last one was a few hours of gameplay back.


Pre-endgame spoilers above.

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But even in normal endings, you'll see what the Nisse were able to do to the queen (and would have done to you if you had dreamt), who also dreamt.


However, I did dream a bit and did not get the worse ending, so I guess it depends on how much you dream.



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Avoiding all the dreams does give you one thing that makes it a better ending, but I  think you have to have some dreams to get the dialogue line in the Nisse Tower that explains why it's better. You do get a hint from the Queen in the Tower.


On the other hand getting the Room 2 dreams each gives you a Special Item bonus that helps your character. But you didn't need what you lose. :)

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