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Does freeing the prisoners in the Valley of Orbs have any effect?


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I managed to win the initial fight in the Valley of Orbs without any prisoners getting injured.


Is there any effect? I didn't notice any. Did they make it back out of Nisse territory? I think that prisoners of the Nisse making it back home (something that probably never or rarely happened before) should definitely have some effect in Sacramentum. Some people in Sacramentum would be more willing to talk about the Nisse, knowing that the power of the Nisse is lessened, others might be more afraid (I guess the prisoners could tell some stories about the horrors in Nisse lands). At least the commander of the Nisse refuge used as an exit should have heard about he escape from patrolling Haven soldiers that likely would have noticed a ragged mixed Vol-Ukat-Athriel group moving around.


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