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Geneforge 4 Stuck at Final Area(s)

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So I've finally played through the entirety of Geneforge 4, and got up to one of my favourite bits in Geneforge games, the final optional areas. The trouble I'm having is that the first of those final areas in Geneforge 4 (Sealed Crypt) and I've found my progress blocked by my lack of mechanics skill. In previous games and, indeed, areas in this game, mechanics was not necessary for progress, but it seems that here it is impossible to turn off the Power Spirals necessary to proceed without a high mechanics skill. I've already tried equipping two mechanics-modifying items (bringing me up to 5 mechanics) but no success.


Any advice?

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It is unfortunate, yeah. Your best bet is to go back through areas and grab some items that you may have missed that will boost your mechanic skill. Luckily for you, I have compiled a list of all the mechanics boosting items and where to find them! (Hopefully I didn't miss any)


Tinker's Gloves (+2 Mechanics) Purity Workshop B

Infiltrator's Tunic (+1 Mechanics) The Eye's Road

Cloak of Shadows (+2 Mechanics) Forged. Perfected Cape (Shaped Fiber Robe + Purification Elixir), Pure Crystal Shard (Breeding Pits), Purified Essence (Circle of the Drayk in a hidden room where you initially find the Crazed Drayk.

Infiltrator's Shield (+1 Mechanics) Grayghost Gates in the Drakon Living Quarters, be sneaky!

Tinker's Bauble (+1 Mechanics) Dillame - Gretchen: Reward for Nodules.

Infiltrator's Charm (+1 Mechanics) Western Burwood from Agent Yngrid, obtaining it will be different if you are pro Rebel or Shaper!

Mechanics Canister (+1 Mechanics if you don't mind using canisters) - Western Burwood


This should give a huge boost to your mechanics! Hopefully it's enough to bring your mechanic skill high enough to proceed into the final area! God Speed.



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