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Can't train barter?

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Good evening,

I played "Exile" when I was a kid, and I was thrilled to see it available as Avernum.  Anyway, I seem to be unable to purchase the "Barter" skill from Tor.  I did his quest, and the only thing he will teach me is "Cave Lore".  What are the exact requirements?  Or do I have to pick specific dialog options?  I think I have tried every single one, and all of the online information basically boils down to "do the salamander quest and Tor will teach you barter for 150 coins".

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Thank you.  There is a different version of Avernum 2 where Tor teaches barter?  I'm confused!  The online material is for "Avernum 2: Crystal Souls", which seems to be what I am playing.


Anyway, you say it might be a different skill.  Any idea which skill, or where I can get it?  I don't want to get too far without getting this skill as I'll miss out on a lot of important $$.

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Also, just to pre-empt any further confusion, there are indeed two versions of Avernum 2!


The first version of the game was released in the year 2000, while the more modern version was released much more recently (in 2015). Usually, the games are distinguished by their titles. The 2000 game is generally referred to as ‘Avernum 2’, while the 2015 game is referred to as ‘Avernum 2: Crystal Souls’.


However, this doesn’t always happen, which is why there’s potential for some confusion! In particular, some resources for the 2000 game add ‘Crystal Souls’ to the title in analogy to its parent game, ‘Exile II: Crystal Souls’. As a general rule, if you’re looking at material written before 2015, it will be for the earlier game, and not the game you’re currently playing. If the material is written after 2015, it’s probably for the later game.


From what you’ve said, you seem to be using a guide for the older version of the game. There will be a great many similarities between that guide and your game, but just be aware that some specifics will differ. If in doubt, refer to the posts on this list (which probably have a lot more information than you might need!):




and, perhaps more specifically, here:



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