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For whatever reason, Jeff's games have more replayability for me than most RPGs. When I load up Avernum again, I feel like I'm re-reading a favorite old book. I try different things with characters, like: what if everybody learned both priest and mage spells?* What if I had a party of only priests who never learned tool use and avoided magic?** And when I see the same characters reappear between games, it's a little like seeing an old friend again.


Have others found the same thing? What was your favorite moment to re-experience?



* It's usually a good way to go.

** In A2, it's fun up through mid-game, but gets frustrating when you try to complete big quests.

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Of all Spiderweb games, Geneforge 2 has the highest replay value in my opinion. There are too many things to do with plot branches and character builds it's impossible to deplete the possibilities without replaying and halfway-reloading at least 5 times. I find the second titles from each series are generally my favorite ones (Avernum 2 without a doubt, and Avadon 2 being the only highly-replayable Avadon game from the three).

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