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3 Questions for the group, hopefully someone can help.


1. I am trying to get the map off of Masok in Angel's Rest in order to begin the Black Halbred quest. Unfortuneately he doesn't offer it to me at all. I only have ONE dialogue option. I read somewhere that I needed to talk to Quinn the innkeeper to start that line, but she only talks about how tired she looks and the weapon smith sitting in her inn all the time.


2. I defeated the vampire Vahkos, but now I continually get the annoying text box of me being watched. And sometimes he threatens to ruin my life, yada yada yada.... how do I fix this?


3. The god damn Skull of Xian. How do I get it to shut up? Do I even need to carry it or ANY of the Xian items? Can I just store them all?


Thanks for you're help.

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1. Most inn keepers will offer rumors and useful information if you buy drinks from them. Save before trying if you are worried about wasting money.


2. Go back and finish exploring the place. There was a barrier that is now gone since you "defeated" him. Besides you might have missed some loot.


3. The Skull of Xian never shuts up and like most items you don't need to carry them around. A few items are useful.

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most useful xian item is xian coins (not that gold is problem after early game, usual problem in sw games (dunno about queen yet) that early not enuf gold to buy things early and in end nothing to spend it after buying all training and spell lvls), skull is most annoying, rest have no use or 1 use per rest (and no outdoor or rest in abandoned cave/etc so possibly long trip back to lorelei/outpost/etc or nearest inn).

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