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uncapped stats in A2:CS

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First, I'm Guigui, a french player so please forgive my english, I'm better at reading but I don't write often... ^^


I played a singleton in A:EftP and I managed to reach lvl 61 in normal difficulty (so it wasn't such a challenge compared to the Torment hardcore players !). I discovered that lvl 61 was the maximum (I didn't find this info on the forum, on the contrary I've read in one of the guides that there was no level cap) and that the main stats were capped at 40 for the purpose of spending stat points, but that the automatic increases were still processing.


Now I am playing Avernum 2 : Crystal Souls, for which I have even more pleasure than the first opus ! As I am playing a very similar build (the classic tanking mage with maxed out intelligence and AoE spells), I'm now lvl 38, having freed my first crystal soul from Pyrog's Cave... And I discovered that the stat cap at 40 did no longer exist : I managed to put a point in Intelligence at level 35. Is it documented somewhere ? When I look at the character screenshots in Sade's wonderful topic on building a singleton, it seems that Sade's character faced a stat cap (if not, why stopping at 47 ?). Is there a difference between versions of the game ?


Thanks for answering !

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There isn't documentation about the cap because almost no players reach one. You only see the level cap when you play a singleton game and you can usually finish the game below that level. Sade probably stopped because he didn't need a higher stat.


I'm still looking through old games and I found I reached level 55, but was only past halfway through the game with that play through.


Good luck with your game.


Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. It will only slow you down. :)

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