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Can Skylak be beaten?

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Looking a the script, Sylak has an incredible heal rate as long as the portal is intact, so killing him is unlikely. There are just some characters that you can't normally kill.


At least the script didn't say unkillable in the comments like some other monsters. :)


Edit - I haven't played this game in years so I don't remember how much damage a full party with summons can do in a single round concentrated on Sylak. I really doubt you are supposed to do that much for several rounds.

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I assume this is Nethergate: Resurrection. Playing as the Romans in the original game, I do indeed recall fighting Sylak. The battle with Sylak was indeed a challenge, but it was possible, in fact perhaps necessary. I always wanted to send my party through the portal (I had enough marks, after all), but I could not get past Sylak without a fight.



I do not think killing Sylak is actually possible, however. Instead, after you beat him, a text dialogue opens up and the story basically wraps up (or something close - I believe you still have to physically leave Shadow Valley). Unfortunately, time is finite and Spiderweb games are very long... so I haven't played through them as often as many others here have.


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