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Fairy Mod QWTC


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This is the Fairy mod, a fan-created mod for Queen’s Wish The Conquerer, a game by Spiderweb Software.
Mod created by ZorroDragonslayer.


The purpose is for extra entertainment as an add-on for the game.
This is a beta test package. Send me a PM through the Spiderweb Software forum for the download link if you want to beta test, and let me also know which platform you are playing on and which game version. Also if you have questions, bug reports or suggestions. These will be adjusted for or used in the final notes and description when completed. Thanks in advance for your input.


This has worked in QW1.0 and 1.0.2 versions.

Installation notes.
This is a zipped file around 590k and needs to be unzipped after you download it.
Enclosed will be a Read-Me and nine game files.
These files will replace a few (9) of the original files. Keep copies of the original files in case you want to remove the mod files later and put the originals back. You’ve been warned!!
Drag the files into the folders mentioned in the instructions detailed in the Read Me file.

Thanks to Spiderweb Software for great games.
I’ve been playing them all since the mid 1990’s.

published mods:
“Bovine Mod Ava2” Dec 2013 Box.com
“Ava3 Bovine Mod” Apr 2017 Box.com

"Fairy Mod QWTC" Oct 2019 Box.com

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