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Stuck on getting a calamity key


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I can't get a calamity key.


Istara tells me to go to High Elhovo. In High Elhovo Watcher Eibhlin wont see me because I've hurt his feelings, and Beitris in the basement doesn't tell me anything.


I sided with the Owen, so no key there.


King Borgen just has the usual dialogue, nothing about giving me a key.  Just says its unfortunate the calamity has returned and he's counting on me to protect.


What am I missing? I bought the hint book and it just tells me to talk to my three vassals.


The only quests I have left are the calamity returns, and return home. 


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1 hour ago, aquamarine007 said:

King Borgen just has the usual dialogue, nothing about giving me a key.


Hmm. That could be a problem.


Would you mind checking something for me? Could you go to the King and ask him 'How are things faring with the Borgen'? Do any relevant dialogue options appear when you do this?

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“Well. We are coordinating with General Ajax...And how are you doing princess?”


My only choice is “1. Actually not well. The Calamity has returned.”


He says “Ah. I had heard that this plague of the soil has returned to Haven...We Borgen were counting on your continued protection” 


That’s the end of the dialogue. 

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That is odd. Something here might not be behaving as it's supposed to. This is all the more peculiar, since the dialogue is coded very simply – there's just not all that much that can go wrong, here.


Could I ask you to check a few more things for me?


Firstly, go to your special items menu and check that you don't already have an item named 'Nisse Key'. I know this seems rather obvious, but in something like this it's better to be absolutely sure – we'll want to make sure that this didn't materialise in your possession by some other means, for instance.


If you don't have the item, then go and speak to Sage Noyale, who is to the south-west of the throne room. Is there an option to talk to her about a 'message from King Borgen'?


If both of these come up negative, then could I ask you to keep your save file in its current state – so that we can look at it – and save in a new slot. Then, press shift and d, and type the following into the text box that appears:


sdf 30 22 1


Then speak to Sage Noyale again. You should now be able to progress! Of course, if there are further problems, let us know!

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Oh no. This is embarrassing. I already have the Nisse key. 

I was laying in bed last night and thought “I wonder if I already have it?”  Then I read your message this morning and thought....for sure I already have it. And sure enough, I had it. No idea when I got it, but I have it. 

Thanks for helping me out. Sometimes the most obvious solution is the right one!

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