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All these items that give bonus to skills...


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and I can't get details on a single one.

I get that some might be a little self explanatory in the name itself, I assume Shield Ally will make me protect a party member, but it would be nice to look it up in the skill menu, maybe as it's own tab beside Cultural skills.

Would be nice to know how Shield Ally, Life Drain, etc. worked mechanically, because if Shield Ally only works within 4 spaces of the character for example, that can be need to know information on higher difficulties.

Unless you CAN look it up and I'm just dumb, wouldn't surprise me, I did just figure out that if you right click on NPCs/monsters it will show their stats.

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See here for details: http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/topic/25074-equipment-only-skills/. (Note that per that topic and another recent forum discussion at http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/topic/25111-unexplained-change-in-evasion-stats/?do=findComment&comment=308257, Shield Ally affects evasion.) That said, I agree with you that more tooltips and/or other in-game information explaining what these equipment skills actually do would be very nice.

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