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Avernum 3 - can't get to the Cult of the Sacred Items base

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I feel like I'm missing something obvious. I'm tracking down the Orb of Thralni thieves, I've got the boat, and I'm trying to get to the water-facing entrance of their tower. Apparently I'm supposed to go around the island and come up to the tower between the two rows of rocks?


The problem is I can't find a path through the rocks, no matter what I try. The way to the water-facing side of the tower seems to be 100% blocked. I've tried landing on the island and entering from another side, but all of the doors are locked. I'm stumped. Any ideas what I might be missing?

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There are 2 ways into the tower. You enter from the north or south side and fight your way to the center. The west doors require the Stone key from inside. It should be possible to enter from the water side on the east, but you might have missed the way.


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The advice you quote about taking the water path into the tower is probably from the original version of the game, rather than remake. You can't get in that way this time! There are a few places where the gameplay between the two versions is slightly different, and this is one of them.


Good luck on finding the Orb!

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