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Are there consequences or ramifications? - part 2

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Apologies for necro'ing this six year old thread, but it was the only relevant one to what was on my mind.


I don't feel bad about killing the wretches for farmer Halrik because the Kva watch guards nearby explicitly asked the Hands to remove any wretches and wolves, not to mention that Avadon promised to protect Pact members from incursions by Farlanders & all the people in Goldcrag mentioning how the wretch problem has worsened nearby.

My conscience was really cleansed when Wolfrider Prozz threw me a "raspberry" after telling him he can't steal if he wants to stay.


Jeff Vogel does such a marvellous job of sinking me into the stories and dilemmas of his games. I love reading all the subtle hints and nuances via dialogue with all the in-game characters to help me make better moral decisions.


One plot hole I caught, though, was Eye Mamora in Avadon dungeon saying any noble who frames another is "cordially invited to spend time on our (interrogation) tables". Why wouldn't the same be done to us as Hands if we frame a Pact citizen like Ryozo and he was later found innocent after scrying his mind?

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