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Question - Ellhrah Quest


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Spoilers, I suppose:


Haven't played for several years and I honestly never got passed the demo. Doing it again and will purchase the entire series. :)


I don't like walk throughs or guides as I like to enjoy exploring myself. However, I think I made a boo-boo. I didn't make any commitments with the different sects verbally .. however, I was wandering around Ellhrah's Keep and ran into the guard that didn't like me nosing around. I ended up running away from him, but ended up slaughtering everyone in the keep anyways. Oops. 😐


I went back to Vakirri as that's where I had hoarded all my items and ended up fighting and killing a bunch of serviles there. I went to find Nabb, but I think I killed him too, in the hut in the top left of Vakirri.


i really wanted to be as neutral as possible. When snooping in the Keep, I found the dead servant mind and, like Pentil, rooms with shackles. Makes me feel they're all hiding something.


So - question is - have I borked the game enough to warrant a start over or should I keep going through?


As well - when I signed up/logged in, the connection was not secure. Perhaps someone should look into that as passwords are being sent unsecured.


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You can keep going because you have the options of joining other factions or just staying unaligned. However you have blocked yourself from buying and selling with this group.


It's early if you want to start over or go back to an older save before you go caught. Autosave isn't an option since you already left the zone.


Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. Then you won't mind slaughtering guilty serviles.  :)

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You can still join either of the other servile groups or you can, in fact, kill literally everything you can possibly kill on the island and still win the game.


Since you have killed Ellhrah, you've already succeeded the requirement necessary to join the Takers, and you can do the Control Four quest without any guilt.


Frankly, while the Awakened are personally my preferred faction, their quest chain is a bit of a dead end anyhow, especially if you want to


destroy the Geneforge.


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Thanks guys!


I think I'm going to continue with this - being "bad" is typically what I avoid, even in video games. I'll live a little and try something different. I'm also quite fond of my fyora, Lovies. I can also take the opportunity to get more EXP taking out that Village. I only attack what attacks me first so I can avoid some guilt that way.


Is Geneforge 1 stand alone, or does the story line continue until 5? (Is it like Lord of the Rings with a continuation of story or more Call of Duty that has the same general theme?)

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