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Mouse problem with Queen's Wish


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It is impossible to use the mouse correctly in the demo version of Queen's Wish.


When I click on a location, the character goes at another random place. (impossible to attack a foe by clicking).


Impossible to select an item to equip it.


Impossible to select a slot to save a game.


Impossible to edit party.


Currently the game is unplayable for me.


I'm using mas os10.7.5

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Hello Silentshadow,


Sorry to hear that you've been having problems.


I have one idea about what might be causing this that might be worth experimenting with. I've seen similar behaviour when a Mac tries to create a window that is larger than the size of the screen, or with an unusual resolution. What happens in this case is that the mouse pointer on screen doesn't actually represent where you'll click. The 'clicking spot', as it were, is displaced by a certain, fixed amount. That makes it troublesome to click on menus, let alone clicking on specific objects in a game like this!


If this is what is happening to you, you might be able to fix it by playing the game in a window. There's a checkbox that allows you to do this when you open the game. Alternatively, if you want to play on full-screen, changing the game's resolution might help. Give these options a try and see if either one helps.


If not, let us know here! We might be able to find another way to fix your problem!

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I'm having a similar, but not identical problem: I'm in full screen (1080x1920, which is my screen size) on the Steam Windows release, and while the game works fine for the most part, it frequently doesn't register some of my clicks. It's every tenth click or so that fails to register, so it's not unplayable, but I feel like I should mention it since I'm not alone in having mouse issues.

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