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Geneforge 5 Modding Suite Shaper Edition v1.1 - World Update

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After much longer than it really should have taken, the first full release of the Geneforge Modding Suite is here! Create and fully customize zones and export them to a complete Geneforge scenario file.


NB: Always make a full backup of your Geneforge folders before using any mods.


Latest version: Shaper Edition v1.1

Download from Google Drive


Shaper Edition v1.0

Download from Google Drive




To get started, extract the contents of GeneMS.zip into a directory of your choice and execute run.bat. A console window will appear and ask you to enter your Geneforge 5 directory, where the executable and Geneforge 5 Files folder are (i.e. C:\Program Files\Geneforge 5). After this is entered, the modding suite will load the textures and present you with a blank zone.


Geneforge Modding Suite Images

Imgur Album


Patch Notes:

Shaper Edition v1.1
    -Multiple zone support
    -New scenario by default uses original Geneforge 5 world
    -Can import terrain to a zone from a Geneforge 4 zone
    -Can import old GeneMS save to current zone
    -Can save scenario file that contains data for entire world
    -Simpler saving/loading system
    -Saving/loading for entire world data
    -Proper save/save as functions
    -Scenario is exported as it would be in 'Geneforge 5 Files' folder, saved into the 'Export' folder
    -Undo and redo

    Bug fixes:
    -Fixed bug where mouse position was off by one tile
    -Fixed bug involving item removal
    -Fixed incorrect item placement in exported scenarios
    -Fixed incorrect world map locations

    Known issues:
    -Tabbing away from the modding suite may break rendering and/or scrolling


Shaper Edition v1.0

    -Import zones from a Geneforge 5 scenario file with Edit->Import->Zone from Scenario File

    -Edit all zone data*

    -Save and load zones you are working on

    -Export zone to create a scenario file, which will copy the scenario file from your Geneforge 5 folder and make a new one in your GeneMS directory

    -High tech scrolling map

    -Some fully nonfunctional menu buttons

    -Kinda terrible ZoneLab tool that nobody remembers how to use anymore

    -Full creature and object editing, with default script information included

*That I could actually figure out


To place a tile, terrain piece, item, etc., just left click on the ground where you want to place it. Items, objects and creatures will automatically be aligned to the nearest quarter-tile. To remove terrain, items, objects and creatures, just right click on the tile where you want them removed.



Shaper Edition v1.1: The World Update

Shaper Edition v1.0: Initial release


Upcoming Features:

    -Editing of placed objects/creatures

    -Expanded menus

    -Improved undo/redo

    -Many other quality-of-life improvements

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I can guarantee it took years of hard work from theKian, with a various versions and all. The amount of work he put in this tool is great as is my thanks to him for this. 


Zonelab tool: I do remember how to use this. More or less, similar to what I did in matlab, you make a bmp file using a specific color code and that generates a zone. 

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At long last, I have released another version of this tool, with a wide array of new features, most importantly the ability to manage data for an entire world at once and exporting it to a complete scenario file. You can see full patch notes in the main post and download the latest version (v1.1) from the main post as well.

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  • 8 months later...

Does the MS works with the new GF1-M? I don't mean seamlessly, I mean mostly, whether the hex files are similar to those of GF4-5? 


The speed of the remake, with 1-2 zones per day, makes me think that the hex files are probably similar and the developers simply tweaked and added things. It would be next to impossible to remake a whole zone in a day. Let alone make it, test it, tweak it, test it again.


The scrips I've seen are similar to what we've seen in the past (although I don't know how GF1 scrips were, I have experience with GF3-5 scripts). 

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I had a memory of that too, but thought it was 1-2 days per section. I just went & looked through the Kickstarter updates but no mention of the time frame per section, just of the need to completely rework the terrain & dialogue to incorporate the changes to the world.  So somewhere there's a mention but I've got other things to do today than dig around.  So if anyone 'does' want to look around for said quote/mention, you can exclude those updates.

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1-2 zones per day is a hell of a much work. I mean, even if you have 5 people team, each working on a zone, you still need to test them yourself and playtesting them... so it would be like a week for 4-5 zones with Jeff and 5 people solely working on the zones. And I don't think Spiderweb has that many people. 

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It doesn't, but I would imagine that time doesn't cover the actual testing.  Keep in mind that Jeff and Mariann have been doing this -- transmogrifying old zone data for a new engine -- for nearly two decades now.  I would imagine they have it pretty streamlined.

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I knew it sounded familiar... 'we' were talking about it this past summer...


And like I mentioned in that thread, a lot of the zones are just providing a vehicle for you to both gain experience & provide filler while you're traveling along to 'x'.  So, program the terrain, put the wandering monsters/traps or mines in the way, toss in some loot & move onto the next section.  Those would go fairly quickly while programming the 3 (+?) villages & everyone in them would take some time.  Averaging a section/day seems (& apparently was) quite doable.

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Who is Mariann? And they certainly do and they are also pros. But ... it really shows dedication. This is 8-9 hours work per day, for a game they have already written. It's dedication. It's not an "Easy money grab!" where you casually spend 2-3 hours per day in between doing other things. 


For me, to make a zone from the beginning in GF5 was easily 40 hours of work, spread within 2 weeks, and that was for an "Easy-ish" zone. If they added a couple of difficult dungeons, with levers, and tricks and thought behind it instead of just dialogue and monsters it would be more time. And that's what I think they did when they added "more" in the game. 


Look, long story short: This is a project of love. Not money-grab. It was a calculated risk to sink that much time in remaking Geneforge. There's no way they could be moving ahead with different projects on the time and deliver such polish as I see here. This was a year or so of full-time work for a remake that I really, really hope it sells well because it deserves to sell well. 

Please tell your friends to buy it. Or buy it for your friends on steam. 

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