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Time mechanics?


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I just saw a recent comment on Kickstarter from a beta backer (user Bigus Bovinus - I'm also a backer, but without beta access) and response from Jeff suggesting there may be some kind of time progression mechanic in this one as a possible throwback to Exile/Avernum 3. Jeff's answer was a bit vague - "You can take as long as you want. It won't lock you out of the ability to finish the game." However, can any of the testers please share (obviously no spoilers expected/requested) whether there's any optional game content at all - e.g. merchants, sidequests, etc. - that will be locked out if you take too long? I generally despise these time limits as someone who's both a completionist and who only enjoys an RPG when I can feel relaxed and able to take my time to explore/quest at my leisure without worrying about missing some bit of content, however small.

Any info that can be shared under the terms of your beta access would be appreciated!

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