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Is exile harder than Torment?

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Hey, for those of you who have played both the classic exile games and the new remakes (I have not), I was wondering which is harder: the classic exile games, or the remakes on torment difficulty? My guess is torment, but I haven't played through the old school exiles to be sure.

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Some Exile games are easier than their torment difficulties remakes.


Exile 1 and 2 had smaller inventories which made it more important to decide what to carry and loot since you could easily pick up unidentified worthless cursed items. It wasn't until Exile 3 that item weight was also introduced so after a fight you would need to also consider which characters carried items. Exile games also had full monsters reappearing in dungeons so you could just keep going back to older ones for experience and loot.


Exile games all had 6 character parties so you had more to work with in a fight.


Some Exile spells were over powered compared to Avernum.


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