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Rebels and Obeyers alliance


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Sorry, if this seems like a ramble, this is my first post here.


I have been working with Astrov and he told me that the Rebels needed some help from a servile group. I told him we should ally with the Obeyers and then I talked to the leader of the Obeyers. But, even after doing that and talking to Astrov again there is no hint on what to do next? The Obeyer leader has not allowed to join dispute clearing both bridges.


Do I have to kill some Takers or be enemies with them? Is there anyway of changing my choice of who I want to align with?


Thanks and the western wastes were so much fun with those spawners and millions of clawbugs.

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GF1?  There are five games set in that universe so advice for one may not work in another.


It's been a looong time since I've wandered around in that world, but iirc you don't 'have' to align with any of the factions (doing so will open up cheaper spells/specialized training - again iirc).  Usually there is a quest by the faction leader to do something to another faction (that will really piss them off) before they'll join up with you.  Do you have a save game that you could go back to to see the original conversation with him (maybe not to have to replay from there but to see what you were supposed to do)?  I 'think' (again, it's been a long time...) that you can realign yourself once (& then you're stuck with that choice).  Sorry that my 'help' is so general, but I just don't remember the specifics that you're mentioning.


At the top of this forum's topics are strategy sticky threads for each of the games.  Help may be in there too.


Welcome to the craziness here, I hope you left your sanity at the door...

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