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Fine Waveblade needed for Patrick but sold them all

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Hi, I went back to Avernum 2 after some years and I thought to remember Patrick needed a simple waveblade so I sold the high priced ones that I collected... main difficulty, as I went back to Vahnatai lands to find one but found no other... so I am stucked with Patrick's quest. Any idea where to find a Fine Waveblade, by Vahnatai or upstairs in Avernum?

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There are a few in the game that you might not have found yet and sold:


Tower of Magi - second tier behind magical barrier for Vahnatai Items

Great Cave in a southeast area in a hidden passage to pull it from a stone


I don't remember for sure, but I think you have a slight chance of a random item drop when fighting Vahnatai blade masters. I remember having the same problem, too. There are some others in the Vahnatai Lands, but you probably already found them.

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