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I forget exactly what the Demon's Feast did, but it's a curse that gives you minuses for the rest of the game.  It's just easier to kill them if you can for a reward. You can go back to Fort Emergence or somewhere else to rest up and resume your trip through those lands.

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Hello han131,


18 hours ago, han131 said:

no reward tho from anaximander


I'm afraid there might have been some misinterpretation going on here!


Firstly, I believe Randomizer only mentioned Fort Emergence above as an example of somewhere to rest after the fight. There's no link between the Fort and the Great Circle. After all, you're the first people to even find out that there are demons there at all!


As for the hint book, the comment about the Great Circle is a little ambiguous. While I can see how it could be read as implying that there's a specific reward related to the fight, all I believe it means is that the boons you get from the stone circles might be worth risking the fight for. After all, you only have to converse with the demons if you've visited enough stone circles, and received enough rewards.


In other words, so far as I'm aware, there is no direct reward for battling the demons. The fight saves you from the demons' curse, and from unleashing the demons on the world, which in some senses is its own reward!



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