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Avernum 5 not working


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Hi there,


Can you share the following info so we can understand the situation better?  Thanks.


2. What operating system are you using (Mac or WIndows?)

3. Did you download the game through Steam, Good Old Games, or another third-party distribution platform?


Also, can you share the exact error message wording?

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I'm using a Mac with Mojave 10.14.5


I downloaded the game from Spiderweb's website.


The exact message is: "Couldn't find Avernum 5 Snds file."


Not sure if it helps, but the remakes of Avernum 1, 2, and 3 all work, and the demo of Avernum 6 works.


Avernum 4, 5, and Geneforge 4 and 5, all have different error messages though.

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