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Brand new player! G1, Clueless ^_^;

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I just wanna preface this by saying... It has been a long time since I heard of the game/played. Like, so long ago that I was a clueless kid that didn't really understand games in general. I don't know what caused this to pop up in my head again, but from what little I can remember, I'm interested in trying to give it a real able-minded playthrough.

All I know about the game is I never got that far, and it seemed difficult. From what I've been reading, that latter bit seems pretty accurate. I can say that I'm pretty sure I'd like to give Shaper a try, though if I beat the game as that, I'm liable to branch out and try other things for funsies. The reason I'm making a post is, well... I don't often play unforgiving games, so I was just curious if there was an outline for important sections of the game, or things that are required. I've been trying to just read existing posts rather than making my own, but it's very difficult to understand much of it without context and no game knowledge.


I read one recently about mind nutrients causing an issue, as well as other things like mechanical and leadership skills potentially being an issue if they aren't trained to the correct level during the correct times? I've heard about mines and pylons also being very difficult, and was wondering if mines had some kind of visual cue or indicator - and could be disarmed by hand, is that what mechanical is for?... Basically, I'd just like warnings about things that could ruin my save file/game experience. I'm headed off to work very shortly, else I would just dig into every single post I can find about G1 even further. Very sorry if it's a repeat post, or if there's a good outline elsewhere. Thanks in advance for any assistance!

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2 hours ago, Enider said:

Basically, I'd just like warnings about things that could ruin my save file/game experience


One rule above all:




Geneforge makes this easy.  Lots of slots, easy to select between them.  So just keep a few backup saves -- make a new one every time you go to a new zone, for example.


That way, even if you do something you feel "ruins" your game experience, you can turn back the clock and undo it.


If you're not worried about a "ruinous" action this is less important.  The "big" decisions, like which faction(s) (if any) you align yourself with, are generally VERY obvious in-game.

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There is no one way that works best.


Having enough leadership or mechanics gives you more options or ways to solve a problem. For instance being able to disarm a mine instead of avoiding it or having it go off and healing the damage. Leadership may give you another dialog option that lets you skip doing something that you might find distasteful.


The main thing is when you pick a class having enough of the relevant attribute so you can take advantage of that class. Having high intelligence for a shaper or agent, strength for a melee guardian, or dexterity for a range attack guardian. This way you can hit your foes.

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Sounds real good, thanks for the advice on the saves! Basically... when I said that line about my game getting ruined, I was worried about getting oneshot and having no idea it was coming, that sort of thing. It sounded like that could happen here and there, so I was just looking for warnings on tough spots or things that tended to catch people unawares. Hitting a 'wall' that causes an entire game to become null/void/unprogressable or missing something major that was from a quest 5 hours back, 18 hours into the playthrough, that has become locked/no longer available... things like that, that make it so you're trapped.

But it's really good to hear that mines can be disarmed! If that's from the mechanic skill, I'll likely try and boost it up rather quickly. I did find an article link on the main page to a gamefaqs now that I'm home, and it seems to have general advice for around what amount of a stat you should have by what level. I suppose I'll just dig in and see what I can do!

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It's possible to finish the game without ever having to win a fight, so don't panic too much about making the game unwinnable with your choices in gameplay or character-building. Your decisions may lock off some options to you, but you'll always be able to reach some sort of ending.

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By adjusting your reputation when talking to serviles you can shift it to allow joining all the factions even though they are some opposites. Having enough leadership, and the guide gives you the numbers, helps to join and also avoid having to do things against another faction.


Note that when you are a member of one faction you get better prices and the chance to buy skills, it means the other ones may not sell to you until you join them. 


This is also a closed economy with a fixed amount of money. You can bankrupt the merchants.  :)

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