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A2 - Did I gimp myself?

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Replaying this game, but on torment difficulty this time around. The challenge is doable until I make it back to Avernum after that river journey. After that, anywhere I went, I would get destroyed. I'm building my front guy as a kind of tank slash front row battle guy. I wasn't paying attention to levels up until now. I check levels and my front guy's level is half that of everyone else. I check my experience penalties and it makes sense.  Everyone is around 35% penalty while front row dude is at 70%. I use the character editor to remove a trait, but I'm worried he will be under leveled for the whole game. I didn't see an option to change levels or experience. I don't want to "cheat", but I also don't want to start over again.

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The difficulty jumps significantly after returning to Avernum, but you can avoid some areas until you are more powerful by using the east corridor to go up to the Eastern Gallery.


Characters go up quicker with lower levels so your first character will eventually get closer to the others, but never quite equal them. You can compensate for the lower level character by getting wisdom crystals and giving them to that character. This will give him extra experience to make up some levels.


It might be easier to start over since you know what to do and you are still early in the game.

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