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Traits & Skills Summation Reposted

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I've Been Getting A lot of E-mail requests for this lately so I thought I'd repost.


Traits & Skills Summation


Special Skills (Bought Levels)


Quick Strike: Dexterity 8, Melee or Pole Weapons 6

Parry: Dex 8, Defense 6

Blademaster: Melee 6, Pole 6, Strength 8

Anatomy: Intelligence 6, Melee or Pole 8

Gymnastics: Strength 8, Dex 10

Pathfinder: Int 8, Nature Lore 6 (note that base Nature Lore depends on Intelligence)

Magery: Int 10, Mage or Priest Spells 6

Resistance: Dex 10, Endurance 11, Hardiness 8

Magical Efficiency: Magery 8, End 11

Lethal Blow: Anatomy 8, Blademaster 8

Riposte: Parry 8, Blademaster 6

Sharpshooter: Dex 6, Bows or Thrown Weapons 8


Race Characteristics

Humans | None

Nephilim | Dexterity 2 +1(Level/7), +2 at lvl l || +3 at lvl 7 ETC.

Slith | Poles (Fire????)


Character Traits

Figures are approximated based on my own gameplay experiences.



Strong Back = -15% Encumberance (If Encumerance >=25% then Slowed + to max carried weight)

Nimble Fingers = +4 Tool use (May increase with levels I don't remember.)

Beastmaster = Calls An Animal? (Never used this one.)

Strong will =+20% chance of resisting mind control

Good Education =Rune Reading +10 (Although the bonus doesn't show on Rune Reading in the useful skills window.)

Toughness =+20%-30% Resistance to Illness

Fast on Feet =+1 Action Points (or less) +reaction time? (Used it once didn't like. So I don't really remember it well.)


Natural Mage =Can cast spells while encumered/ Can recover Some Spell points 1 Time per day

Formula belived to be (Max SP)/2


Elite Warrior =Seems to give bonuses to hit and damage (Not really a favorite Penalty to high to be worth it.)

Gives Go berserk.


Divinely Touched =Strength, Dexterity, & Intelligence +1 to start then +1(level/8) +1 at lvl 1 || +2 at lvl 8 || +3 at lvl 16

(No extra SP from intel bonus)

Gives Divine Aid, Call Spirit, Regenerate.



Cursed at Birth = Details unknown. (never used it.)

Sickness Prone = -20%-30% Resistance to Illness

Sluggish =-1 Action Points -reaction time? (Used it once didn't like. So I don't really remember it well.)

Brittle Bones = +30% Damage (Great for wizards in concert with Natural Mage.)

Completly Inept =Details unknown. (never used it.)


This info should also be found at this url.


If you have any new info for this please E-mail it to me. Please remain patient though I get A LOT OF SPAM.

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