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Thinking construct quest stuck even after getting final meeting

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So I have done everything except Silena's quest and have spoken to Redbeard and gotten the final meeting quest. And still Silena won't advance the quest. I quit and went back to an earlier save & redid the Redbeard conversation where I get the final meeting quest again. She is same as ever. I have been to the site with her several times & have said I would help her. Why is this stuck? I don't want to go into the endgame without this, but it won't trigger, & I have researched & know it is supposed to trigger now (and it is my last chance). On a Mac, running Mohave 10.14.5, have not installed any cheats or messed with the program in any way.

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This quest had some problems when I did it during beta testing, try;


Your quest is currently to just go check out the workshop at the Corruption Border. Do that.

Redbeard will have a conversation for you next time you talk to him.

Once that happens, when you emerge in Fort Foresight, Silena will talk to you.


Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. It may be too late for this warning. :)

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Nevermind-- finally got it to work. I avoided an earlier conversation w Redbeard about the construct, & it never came up again. On about the 7th or 8th try to trigger this, he actually asked about it again. Apparently the quest won't happen without that conversation.


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