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upper cotta

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i just started Avernum 3 - in Upper cotta there was a room with a Nephil in it that had stairs that i could not go up-

is this a bug or is there something I missed.


I also think but I am not sure there was a ramp in the Goblin Caves I could not go down


Finally at what level should i be before going to the surface

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If the New Cotra room is in the southeast corner of the town, the stairs just go to part of the same level in that room. Nothing important.


There should be no trouble with ramps in the Goblin Caves,, but you might have just not clicked on the right spot to move onto it.


Your level will depend on the game difficulty level. On normal you can go up after level 4 without too much difficulty. Basically do most of Upper Avernum to have enough levels for the surface. It's more important to have enough dexterity (about 4 or 5) to go ahead of the slimes in outdoor encounters. It depends how far you want to explore.

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