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Avernum: Escape from the Pit - Graphics Glitch


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I just loaded up a new game of Avernum: EftP. As soon as the game starts, the graphics are glitchy: every few seconds a random tile will "light up" by displaying a grey or black square. It's a bit as if those ground tiles were flickering. I've tried changing the game area and resolution, that did not help.


I never had problems with Avernum on my machine before. I've had to change out the graphics card about two years ago, however, and I guess I haven't played it since then. I own the game on Steam, I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium (Service Pack 1). My graphics setup is as follows: ASUS VS228 flatscreen, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 graphics card (current drivers), Intel Core i5-2400 3.10 GHz CPU.


I'd appreciate it a lot if somebody could help me. I'll be happy to offer more info if needed.


EDIT: After fiddling around, I found out that "Play game in window" from the start-up options screen seems to remove the flickering. How do I go about achieving that in fullscreen mode?

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Hello JFS,


Unfortunately, I can't offer you any direct help on this problem – I'm a Mac user, so this isn't an issue I can test out myself. However, since the forum has been a little quiet on this point, I thought I'd offer you a suggestion.


Have you tried sending a quick email to Spiderweb's support address? Spiderweb is usually very prompt at offering helpful answers to questions like these. In particular, the company has put a fair amount of thought into how their graphics are displayed – if anyone knows a solution, it will be them! Here's the address, should you need it:




Good luck! I hope you manage to find a solution that lets you play in full screen without the flickering. If you do, let us know here how you managed it!

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Hello, I'm a Windows programmer.
Tiles "lighting up", as you describe it, sounds like Avernum isn't buffering its frames correctly.
Since playing in a window seems to resolve the issue, try playing in fullscreen mode with a lower resolution setting.
Also, are you playing on a monitor with a refresh rate higher than 60hz? If so, try playing on a different monitor.
I would also be interested in the in-game frames per second; run Avernum, load a game and press shift-D. Then type "fps".

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Thank you very much for your replies, and sorry for me not getting back faster.


I have not yet sent a mail to Spiderweb, thank you for the suggestion. Playing in fullscreen with a lower resolution does not help, at least not at the resolutions I've tried. Another monitor is unfortunately no option. FPS ranges between 24 and 61, but generally revolves around 50-55.

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