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Interview with Jeff Vogel about the game

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Interesting insight into the whole crafting mindset - kind of shows why that's fallen by the wayside in recent titles. Sometimes it works, other times it feels... I don't know. It really didn't work for me in Avernum Mach 2, but Avadon was perfectly fine without it.


Queen's Wish's concepts do sound neat, though. Dunno what would be the closest comparison - makes me think of Dragon Age: Inquisition when he starts talking about infrastructure and minions and the management thereof, but it does sound a lot more focused on the civil side of things. Maybe a couple notches closer to Sim City than Ultima.



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One of the unique things about Queen’s Wish, which for things like this I really like, is that respecs are free. You can return to town and retrain everything.

So, on the highest difficulty level, when you’re going to an area where you know you’re going to face a certain person, you have to really modify your build. There are abilities that seem really bad at first, like silence, that suddenly on a high difficulty level become necessary for certain situations.


This is maybe my favourite thing Jeff has said in a long time.  HEAR, HEAR.

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Being able to train any time is great because the starting abilities aren't that great above normal difficulty and during the game the monster resistances to certain attacks change in different areas. While you can get by without making major changes in your character builds or equipment, there are places where it makes the fights easier.


I never found silence worked that well because of monster resistance and its duration. Worse is scripted boss monsters could ignore silence with scripted attacks that it should have stopped.

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