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Adjusting sound in Geneforge 1


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I want to apologize in advance because english is not my first language and I am not entirely sure if I am posting this in the right part of the forum.


I recently bought the Geneforge Saga on Steam and wanted to start of by playing the first one (obviously)... but i have a problem with the sound. It's so loud that i can barely play it. I can't find any sound settings ingame and when i try to Alt+Tab out and adjust it with the Windows 7 sound mixer the game simply crashes and i cant lower the sound anymore. 

Is there a solution for this problem besides turning down the general volume of my PC?

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Hello Humfrey,


This is indeed the right place to post a question like this. By the way, if you don't mind me saying so, your english is excellent!


I'm afraid that I use Geneforge on a Mac, rather than a PC, so I can't advise you on detailed points about how to manage the sound on Windows. However, I do have one suggestion.


If you launch Geneforge, and either start a new game or load an old saved game, there is an option to lower the game's sound level – although it's a little hidden away! Make sure a game is running, and then press 'escape'. This will bring up a menu. Select 'preferences'. This should bring up a new menu. The top item should refer to 'Sound'. If you click it, you can cycle through some sound options. One of these is 'Quiet', which should lower the game's overall sound level.


It sounds like the game is playing at a much louder volume for you than it's supposed to. It's always possible that this might not lower the volume enough on its own, but it's worth a try!


I hope that this is helpful, and goes some way to solving your problem. If so, enjoy your time on Sucia Island. Geneforge 1 is an especially fine game!

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