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Health Regeneration Question


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Hello BabyComeBack,


I'm afraid that the part of the game that controls how characters regenerate health after combat appears to be hard coded. Unfortunately, this means that there isn't any simple way of disabling it.


Is there any particular reason that you wanted to remove this feature? I know that it's less convenient to do things this way, but you could always try playing through the game as if the feature were removed. For instance, if you're playing with a shaman, or characters with healing abilities, you could manually cast some healing on your characters after each battle, spending the vitality you would have needed to restore them to full health yourself. This might sound like a pain, but you might be surprised how easily you'd get into a routine doing something like that.


One other option might be to play on a higher difficulty setting, if possible. The extra damage you receive will quite effectively negate the extra healing the game gives you!


Sorry not to be of more help. Enjoy your time working for the Black Fortress!

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Hello Ess-Eschas,


Well, the reason I wanted to remove this feaure is based on my personal perception of realism. I know it's a game, so absolute realism is not possible, or even desirable. I just want to be given the illusion of realism whenever possible. That's why I find it odd that vitality doesn't regenerate after a fight, but health does. The opposite would have made more sense to me.


But I'm nitpicking here! Since this part of the game is hard coded, nothing can be done to change it, and that's fine. It' s not such a big deal anyway. I' m really enjoying the game all the same.


Thanks a lot Ess-Eschas for taking the time to answer me and thanks for the suggestions! I'll up the difficulty (playing on normal currently) and see how it goes.

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