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stuck east of Almaria

Capt. Jim

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Hello Capt. Jim,

Are you trying to open the gates of Almaria manually using a wheel, say from inside the town? Unfortunately, this isn't possible. In this case, the wheels are just there for realism – that little dialogue about not being strong enough to turn them is being used as a default response for a wheel you can't interact with.

Don't forget that you still have a route through the town, though:



When you first crossed over the river, you don't use the gates – you made use of an old smugglers' tunnel that (mostly) bypasses Almaria entirely. Check one screen to the south of the eastern edge of Almaria to find the entrance. If you're inside Almaria, the tunnels can be reached from the two staircases in the north and northeast corners of the town.


Once you've received a certain quest from the Castle, you won't need to worry about bypassing Almaria in future – the gates will be open permanently!

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