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So ive started an rp of sorts revolving around 4 ninjas, on hard difficulty.

There are 2 kinds of ninjas, melee an polearms.

the melee build goes as, 

Str:4       Melee:5   Hardi:1       Mage:3         Cave:0

Dex:6     Pole:3        Def:4         Priest:1         First Aid:0

Int:1       Bow:4         Assn:0       Arcane:0       Luck:0

End:3     Thrown:3     Pot:0      Tool:3


And the polearm build is,

Str:4       Melee:3   Hardi:1       Mage:3        Cave:0

Dex:6     Pole:5       Def:4         Priest:1         First Aid:0

Int:1       Bow:4         Assn:0       Arcane:0       Luck:0

End:3     Thrown:3     Pot:0      Tool:3

With traits Elite Warrior and Natural Mage across the board.


this gives you some basic summons as cannon fodder to setup the

haste, bless, shield, some light heals an cures because, it makes sense with ninjas having ninjitsus.


once some levels are reached ill start diversifying secondary skills as arcane an tool use are absolutely required.


It makes you rather squishy to start so you have to sneak around picking off mobs one room at a time. (compared to another game where my mage summons an illusion horde and my paladins start opening doors and mopping up.) 


You cant really use armor in the beginning, because it disrupts the chance to hit to much, but if you can get off the haste for the first turn to double buff the bless an shield for the second turn, you have a whopping 60 to 70 chance to hit, with melee an poles, 70 to 80 with bows. Its a glass cannon build for sure, that sorta forces hit an run tactics over drawn out slugfests.

An ive certainly had to reload after some spectacular failures but its a blast waiting outside a door, activating all the ninjitsu abilities before rushing in like some assassins an decimating mobs. Or rushing into a room an realizing theres an army waiting for you so baiting them into a kill corrider an raining down death.




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