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Avadon 2 and certain stun abilities


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I've noticed that ShadowStep seems to have a far higher chance to stun that either Stunning Blow or Stunning Powder. When I looked at the scripts, I noticed this: 


ab_name = "Stunning Powder";
    ab_ability_sound = 164;
    ab_base_cooldown = 13;
    ab_fatigue_cost = 3;
    ab_skill_ability_linked_to = 35;

    ab_node_type 0 = 72;
    ab_node_effect_type 0 = 204; 

    ab_node_type 1 = 71;
    ab_node_effect_type 1 = 223; 
    ab_node_hold_abil 1 = 1;

    ab_node_type 2 = 61;
    ab_node_effect_type 2 = 15;
    ab_node_base_amount 2 = 2;    
    //ab_node_percent_per_level 2 = 5;


Does the // mean that the "ab_node_percent_per_level 2 = 5" has been commented out? Because the // doesn't occur in the script for Shadowstep. This might explain why Stunning Powder doesn't stun very often, because it doesn't gain any bonus from any addition of points to that skill.


Also, do any of the buffing or cursing skills gain a bonus from the corresponding statistic points (eg. Dexterity for Shadowwalker, Intelligence for Sorcerer), because buffing them to 1000 doesn't seem to affect duration for either.

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IIRC, that line actually affects duration, not chance of success.  (Specifically, it affects the output quantity, which is duration for status nodes and amount for damage/healing nodes.)  It sounds like it should affect chance of success, but it doesn't.


I would not use "buffing to 1000" as a test for anything, since that is FAR beyond the values the game is set up to deal with, and there are lots of opportunities for things to go awry there, ranging from simple caps to variable overflow to breaking lookup tables.


Also, do not assume that all Shadow/Sorc abilities are keyed to Dex/Int -- they aren't.


Dex is used for all PC-based ranged physical attacks.

Int is used for all PC-based magical attacks.

Dex or Int is used, based on class, for all scarab-based ranged/magical attacks.

For status abilities, the stat varies.  It's usually what you'd expect for the class or type of attack, but not always.  There is at least one example in Av3 of a status ability that keys off of Strength, for example.  (And it doesn't make any sense and isn't predictable.)  Nobody analyzed it that closely in earlier games so I wouldn't assume stats for status abilities.

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Fiddled around with the scripts a bit to add large boosts to stats and items with % bonuses to curses and blessing.


What I can conclude for Avadon 2 is:


1. Statistics have no effect on the duration or likelihood to debuff.


2. % to curse has an effect on the duration, but not the likehood, to debuff.


3. Points invested in a debuff skill have an effect on the duration, but not the likelihood, to debuff.

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