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Dispel Barriers and Piercing Crystals


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You have to wait with the spell then.


Save before using the piercing crystals.


In the Honeycomb to the west near the Brigand Hideout area to the north:

BODY - Chainmail Vest, Plate Greaves, Piercing Crystal, Wisdom Crystal, 20c, Return Life Scroll


In the Undead Spiral lower level:

NE pile of skulls. - Piercing Crystal

NW SWITCH - SECRET AREA - CRYPT - Fine Cloak, Platinum Ring, Piercing Crystal

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(I'm replaying A6 at the moment too...)


As Randomizer said there is a crystal near the start of the lower spiral.  But that was close to the barrier to let you further into the spiral.  I don't know if it's strong enough for some of the later barriers (assuming that you're already past the early one).  Not sure where you can buy any more around that point in the game.


Have you not done the quest for the slith in the Tower to retrieve his papers from over at the Great Portal?  It's fairly simple once you blast your way past the imps/gremlins guarding the old dining/barrack area. 


In the room where the papers are are two nasty constructs.  In combat mode have your first guy stand right before where he would be visible while the others back up as far as possible down into the dining area.  First guy runs in, clicks on the book to get the papers & then gets blasted by the constructs.  Once he's 'dead' the others exit combat & run like hell for the exit.  He gets revived when you get back to the tower & everyone gets credit for turning in the papers & your mage can now buy dispel barrier from the slith mage.


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47 minutes ago, dolphindave said:

  Why hide contents? But thank you!


That suspension of disbelief thing for others who happen upon the thread & are trying to play within the unspoken 'rules' of the game rather than 'ah ha, there's a minor loophole here'


that someone could 'die' somewhere with important papers on that body.  The body being abandoned by the rest of the party, only to have him resurrect himself elsewhere complete with the important papers.  A very minor thing to be sure but something that could potentially pull one out of the mental fantasy that they've built up to that point.


No problem, happy to help (especially as I had just gone through there a few days ago).

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Hopefully this helps. You can also try the computer's search function using "Avernum 6" for locations on the hard disk.


From Support for Avernum 6:


If you did not buy Avernum 6 from the Mac App Store, you saved games will be found in your Documents folder, specifically in "Documents/Spiderweb Software/Avernum 6 Saved Games". Open that folder and your saved games will be inside, in folders named 'Save0', 'Save1', etc.


If you bought Avernum 6 from the Mac App Store, your games are stored in the Application Support folder, which can be difficult to find. To open it, press Command-Shift-G to Go To Folder, enter "~/Library/Application Support/Spiderweb Software", and press return. Your saved games are in the folder "Avernum 6 Saved Games." Open that folder and your saved games will be inside, in folders named 'Save0', 'Save1', etc.

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7 hours ago, dolphindave said:

TriRodent maybe you can help with this, I'm trying to move my saved games from one laptop to another, the game is installed in the new lap top but when I put the saved games in the documents/spiderweb/avernum 6 saved games they're not visible in the Load Games, any advice on the path of the saved games?


Windows?  They should be in the folder that you mentioned.  I'd think that they 'should' be playable if you copied them over to the new laptop (I haven't transferred SW games to a new machine in a long time, let alone loaded a saved game).  Have you exited/restarted the game since copying over?  If it still doesn't work, you should ask the question up in the "Tech Support" part of the forums.


Good luck


(very late brain spasm right before hitting submit reply....  Start up a new game on the new computer & save in a couple of slots.  NOW transfer your games over to the A6 folder.  The game may have had to write a path to the save folder rather than just looking there before it's ever been used (he says while trying to explain a concept he doesn't understand using nontechy words as he doesn't know the real language....shrugs helplessly...))

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