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struck, in "circle of Life" cult

Capt. Jim

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Hello Capt. Jim,


It sounds like something has gone a little wrong with this encounter. What's supposed to happen is that Vyck talks to you, and then opens the gate herself (possibly hitting the gong as she does so, too). From the looks of things, it seems that you've defeated her before this has happened. Unfortunately, this means that there isn't any way to open that gate by normal means. It's an unfortunate oversight that you've managed to get stuck this way!


If you're happy to go through the fight again, you could always try loading from a recent save (or the auto-save if it's near enough). Make sure that you talk to Vyck before attacking her. The gate should open as the fight starts.


However, if you don't want to go through the fight again, I have a solution for you. Go into your 'Scripts' folder inside 'Avernum 5 Files' and look for the document 'av5objsmisc.txt'. Just to be on the safe side, make a copy of it in case you mistake a mistake.


Now, open the file, and do a search for the word 'gate'. You should find the following:


begindefineobject 126;
    import = 0;
    ob_name = "Closed Gate";
    ob_object_type = 1;
    ob_graphic_template = 48;
    ob_graphic_sheet = 5;    
    ob_base_icon_num = 0;
    ob_width = 256;    
    ob_height = 256;    
    ob_blockage_type = 2;    
    ob_default_script = "gate";
    ob_part_of_terrain = 1;
    ob_in_space_offset_y = 4;


This looks complicated! However, all you need to do is to make one change. Do you see the line ob_blockage_type = 2? Change the 2 to a 0, so that the line reads:


ob_blockage_type = 0;


Save the file and run the game. Click on the opposite side of the gate. Your party should move there, as if by magic! You'll now be free to continue onwards with the game.


What you changed was how the party responds to gates. You made it so that gates are 'transparent' to your party, meaning that you can stroll right through them. Of course, you don't want this to remain for the entire game! So, return to the same document, at the same place, and set the line back to its original form:


ob_blockage_type = 2;


I hope that this is helpful!

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