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Nethergate on GOG?

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Hello @Spidweb,


I see that you have released Nethergate: Resurrection (the recent remake of Nethergate) on Steam, could you please release the original Nethergate on GOG, as you did for Avernum? (The original version of Avernum, the first trilogy, is available on GOG; the remade version of the first trilogy is available on Steam.)


Thank you. :)

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GoG aside, I too would be interested in obtaining the original Nethergate. I purchased the remake, but was too late to purchase the original. I'd think it would be okay to release it for free like the Exile trilogy? But I dunno, maybe he has his reasons not to...

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There are far fewer differences between Nethergate and Resurrection than between any other Spiderweb game and its remake (eg, it's the only remake that has almost entirely identical graphics to the original), and I imagine the thinking is that Resurrection just totally supercedes the original release for that reason, coupled with being more-compatible with newer systems.

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On 4/15/2019 at 3:29 AM, Fate's Bulwark Against Fate said:

That's true.  The original did have an extremely different skill/experience system, which is fondly remembered by many.


The skill system (and the unbalanced spells ;)) are why I go back to play N:O more often than I play Resurrection.  

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